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EXO-M for MCM x EXO Collaboration
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EXO-K for MCM x EXO Collaboration

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Is it a challenge or trend???

20 Facts about me

1. I am a twenty-something-year-old girl [girl not boy 😑]
2. A daddy’s little daughter… he is my everything
3. I have the same birthday date with my lovely ‘Ibu Nobita’
4. I love to read and probably spend more money on books than clothing 😄
5. You-know-me-so-well that I am a big fan of Harry Potter
6. I wear glasses since junior high school, eleven yo 👓
7. An happy aunt of my beloved nephew - Raihan Rizqu Alfatih
8. As a girl I can’t cook 😰
9. I eat too much 😋 I sleep a lot 😴
10. I am not good looking enough, but I’m sure that I’m a cool person 😎
11. An ELF who love Super Junior
12. I am a bit obsessed with anything ‘magic’ and wish to be Harry Potter’s sister 😆
13. My dream of a great night: a candle light dinner with @leedonghae 😘
14. @oohsehun ‘s nuna ♡
15. I love to sing but I’m bad at it 🎤
16. I want to go to Brussel, Belgium someday 😁
17. My boss said that I am ‘caur’… It means I am a little bit crazy 😫
18. Favorite scent: the smell outside after rain ‘petrichor’
19. I laugh anytime anywhere for anything… That’s ridiculous 😭😭
20. Favorite movies are : The Sound of Music, The Lord of The Rings [trilogy], and The Godfather.

Let’s try this guys! You’ve been tagged 😂😂😂

an awkward phototime with myungsoo and krystal

MCM x EXO AW14 Digital Soldier Photo Shoot ‘Run Away’

source : exo.mcmworldwide.com

"Some of the best memories are made in swallow" @ochakamivie @Pipot34 @ladydrie @HiitzmeSelly_ @YunAlyd @miwamuspida next @MountNs2647 #greenswallowchallenge #Sehunstyle #DamnILoveIndonesia 😄